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Finally got my shit together enough to rearrange my space to be usable and useful. #mondayisntsoshit

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Pool Boys

Windows n'a aucun fucks que je ferai des choses cet

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Yesterday I ate like a fat bitch because sometimes you just need to have a Menu A followed by a katsu curry.

It’s the first bit of socialising I’ve been able to do in the recent month or so with the insanity that is my current employment.  But more on that another time.

Basically myself, Lauren and Hilary went for some eats at Aki Paris near Opéra, we settled on this as I was too brain dead to make any other decision than No Burgers, because I will murder.  It ticked the box and it wasn’t bad at all; with the exception of the waitress being a complete bitch and suggesting Hilary sit on her own in a corner.

That’s kind of where the feeling of being a touch hungry still, turned in to spite eating.  Suggest my friend sits on her own?  Refuse the option of moving to a table?  Well I’ll show you, I WILL ORDER MORE MWAHAHAHA.

At least u barely pulled it off before feeling horribly fat.  Because that was quite a fair bit of the eats.

Lauren had to head out home, so after me and Hilary got our drink on at Café Indiana.  Heads hurt the next day and I took but one photo (alas).


Grumpy Cat

Goussainville vieux village


Being at some what of a loose end before starting work and waking up at 8h in the morning, following an epic post-work stress come down and the newly opened up Navigo zones I arranged with Lauren to go find Goussainville vieux village.

After searching some of the sites available most like this one contain amazing photos but lacking in actual directions, I decided to go there and figure it out. As the train rolled in and still not knowing where we were to be headed off to, I saw a beacon of hope - Délices d'asie - an all you can eat buffet with a decent midi price of 11€50.

A helpful and delicious excursion to Google more and four plates later and I found it, we needed to find rue Brulée and a quick walk down D47 got us there in no time.

Although most of the village is abandoned not all of it is, which kind of gives it a weird feel a dead zone with life. And there is the constant reminder of why people left, the constant noise of planes flying low and overhead. Which can get a touch iritating after a while.

It's a great place for a few good photos and to wander around in a demi-post apocalyptic senario. And here are the photos hosted at LiveJournal.

Pool Boys

Found objects selfie.

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Pool Boys

Another day another dollar.

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Dorothy Zbornak is judging you.

Flipping through my iPhone photos and looking for new header images prompted me to make a post.  Of sorts.

Here is the latest run down of what is happening in .Paris lately:-

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Shop in style at Les boutiques de Sèvres.

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Pool Boys

Good bye functioning skeletal system. It's been grate having you.

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Vagina Science!

Saisissez votre titre ici

It’s rather easy these days to post absolute rubbish to Anti-Social Networks at a simple flick of a screen, but finding time and content to put on to my blog, well that’s pretty difficult at times.

When I finish work I go in to a mode where I’d rather sleep or if I’m feeling particularly awake, rot my brain with a thousand channels of crap on CanalSat (because thinker make hard).  Of course rinse and repeat and I’m sat here laptop at my finger tips searching for something to put down since my last post over a month ago (excluding Instagram reposts).

Even dabbling with Kakao Story trying to find just an excuse to sit down, pause, gather my thoughts and recap a fixed time period on a sleek GUI didn’t quite cut it.  Then I tried Gratitude which simply asks you write down five good things for the day.  Having just done that, I managed the thought process for four.

I wouldn’t say a great start for that App, but I figured I’d try and shut it up as it’s been reminding me each day that I’ve not yet appeased it with greatness.

So I figured I would just do the usual thing, open the window in WordPress and just type nonsense in the hope something, anything would formulate.  Instead I’m writting an on going commentary on writing this post.  Oh well!

I’ve not had much time to really go out and do something random lately, due to scheduling and the scorching death ball people refer to as le soleil (having two settings in tan mode of fry and burn keeps me hiding in the shadows).  Which I’m fairly sure adds to the lack of interesting content to this situation.

Although I have been trying to keep up with poking at my BBS when I have the time, it’s kind of nice to drop the Web2.0 ball and tinker around with coloured text, simplistic menu systems and without any of the razzle dazzle of the web platforms made for those with FOMO or limited attention spans.  I’ve also kind of stopped riding my bike as often and putting off getting my brakes changed, which has of course meant I’m getting a bit rotund again, so time to get back on the 100km challenge again.

Hopefully that somewhat jumbled update on my life should suffice for you dear readers and of course future me looking back at some of the nonsense I wrote in the past.


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