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Fuck Châtlet in Particular

A few days ago I had the pleasure to experience first hand at being pick pocketed.  Let me tell you how fun that was, having some dickhead weed around your shit and take your stuff like they own it.

Of course this had to happen at Châtlet station.

I went to the information desk where she told me to go to Les Halles police station to report it.  I logged the details which was filling in a form and getting it stamped by the Préfecture de Police when I asked if they had a reference I was told "no just that paper, take it to your bank".

Thanks PP awesome police work there.

The annoying part of it all is how long I had that wallet, 17 years I counted and all they got out of it was 20€ and a load of unusable cards.  They also stole my receipts from the métro to claim half back from work.  Dickheads cost me another 8€ with that.


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