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Short Domain Joy.

I keep to my word and now I have moved on to the ec.je domain.  The EC websites have been moved over to ECNIC and ECC.

It seems like a good choice, short and sweet (kind of like my sporradic posts to be fair).  I’ve also updated my contact details, which you can get by updating yours!

It’s kind of random how I’ve started with a bizarre website in 2001 (with the domain stolen – thnx AfterNIC) and come back to it.  I’m also going to keep my things on three four domains, mmn.is, church.cat, ec.je and cw.nf.  Life is so easy like that.

#mindblown #easystreet
Also available on costelloe.ca.

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yay @ short domains

I gots another, just updated the post on ec.je which seems to have updated on LJ.

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