Кевин (mmn) wrote,

One finds spammers rather amusing.

AIM IM with nutraman02.
nutraman02: you on
are you callings to do the upgradings of the downgradings?
nutraman02: no
then why?
nutraman02: your profile says you’re interested in health is that right
who the hell are you?
the NHS?
I’m not having that
I pay enough NI never to be able to see my GP.
nutraman02: what is ni
nutraman02: no seriously what is it
Only after you disclose your name spy.
nutraman02: john
nutraman02: of
nutraman02: the us
nutraman02: US
One sees
nutraman02: so what is ni
nutraman02: insurance?
nutraman02: this isn’t about health insurance
nutraman02: http://www.wankymiracleproducts.com/shittyaffiliatelink
nutraman02: it’s a health website, cool stuff on there
you lost me at miracle.
However, I am calling from your bank, there is a pigeon in your account and we need to get it out. So we would be needings your accountings to make upgradings.
Would you like ring dings?
nutraman02: what
ring ding
you know, RING DINGS
nutraman02: never heard of em
RING DINGS: http://www.jmi.ru/

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