Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Sugar is evil.

I’ve had a sugar binge recently and not just a little one, A REALLY BIG ONE.  So much so I’m paying for it now, my root canal tooth (yet unfinished art due to £250 cost) has developped a cavity and shit has been getting down between the tooth and £80 worth of  white filling.  So needless to say it’s all got to be re-drilled, re-filled and finally finished at a cost of around £500 over a period of two months.

Wonderful.  On the brightside I qualified under a rather good banding on the performance related pay, thus, this cost will be offset when I obtain this payment some months down the line.  Now to offset the RIPPING PAIN (because I can’t afford this out of hours malarkey) I’m drinking somewhat heavily this afternoon, oddly enough it’s helping.  Tomorrow I might go down to the Sainsburys and buy anything and everything with the word “dental”, “teeth”, “pain” and “relief”.

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