Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Chad Bryant annoying me since 20 minutes ago

Posting this here because my mails to the abuse desk have gone unanswered - please block the entire chadbryant.net domain from being used in the From: field to post with your server.
Thank you,
Chad Bryant
Owner/Webmaster, chadbryant.net

This is just one of about 8,500 he’s posted to aioe.org’s aioe.news.helpdesk.  And now it’s started to anger me fully:

Matey, this isn’t your personal server, when you throw your toys out of your pram people don’t instantly come to gather them.  Aioe is a real person in the world who has other things to do, if your email hasn’t yet been seen to then it will at some point.  Other than that you’ll just have to wait until then and if you’re being spooffed on the internet, well hey it sucks but it happens to us all eventually.  Learn to ignore it people tend to be able to tell the difference between a real poster and a troll.

Any questions can be directed to me personally on a postcard, please address it to:

Kevin C
c/o Yate Civic Amenity Site
Dean Road
Great Western Business Park
BS37 5NH

Please mark it “bin 6, paper and cardboard”.

В случае чрезвычайной ситуации, красный свет будет освещать. Если этого не произойдет то это слишком поздно для того, чтобы вопрос.


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