Кевин (mmn) wrote,

NHS logic that be!

As you can see from 999 EMERGENCY (1 & 2) my elderly neighbours have yet again got them selves in a medical drama, nice.  However, in all seriousness (other than blocking the road with their inconvently timed heart failure(s)) it showed a side to NHS logic that I could not fathom.

999 sends fire brigade, logical, the local fire station is a mile away.  Ambulance station 12.  999 send a single man in an ambulance, where normally he would be in a Ambuvan or Motorcycle where such an understaffing problem wouldn’t be that much of an issue.  About an hour later, either the old git died or things got a bit of of hand with the good old defibulators they then call in another full sized ambulance (much like the one that was sat wide open for the past hour) with two people.

What is the logic here?  One man = van or bike, two = full sized, one full sized ambulance + one man = WTF if the one man can’t then throw it in to 5th and scream down the roads.

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