Кевин (mmn) wrote,

This is stealing!

I’m the web master of over 50 site, many of which are paid for by advertising. I don’t do pop-ups and the ads involved are not intrusive. Web masters provide you with content to enjoy and expect something in return. Is the presence of a few ads too much to ask?

I’ve installed scripting on my sites to detect Adblock plus and redirect those using it to a page where they are informed that thieves are not welcome at that site. Don’t be surprised if you find more and more web sites blocking thieves who steal resources without paying for them with the presence of ads. And that is what you are if you use Adblock Plus–A THIEF!

Комментарий Honest Web Master оставлен 18 Июля 2007, 07:48

Obviously, with the exception of maybe two troll accounts of his, everybody takes a chunk, as do I:

This thread has just been utterly amusing. As a “Honest Webmaster” with his fingers in at least 100* sites in some form or another of some caliber I can clearly state you are indeed mad.

You want to know the grand total myself and a mate made on our google ads account (between the two of us) $100 [£50] and instead of pissing it all away on paying for our webhosting ($197 for two years pre-paid) we litterally pissed it away on drink.

Unless you’re some content generating machine I wouldn’t have high hopes (especially with your dismal portfolio and rubbish blog) of any kind of profit, let alone the fifty sheets we drank down courtesy of Google.

[* = may be complete fiction]

Комментарий Кевин оставлен 8 Августа 2007, 14:34

See links: WhyFirefoxIsBlocked.comSTOP THEIF!, LOLWEBLOG (turn off javascript to see in Firefox) & his rubbish homepage.

I also emailed him:

Кевин пишет:
Dear Sir,

You are a theif for displaying a web page accusing me of being a theif, I did not request it and I had to pay for it to be downloaded.  Please make an immedate payment of 500 euros to compensate me for my troubles.

Kind Regards,

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