Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I’ll fault *you*

I have recently obtained a Nokia E65, for the first 5 days it was wonderful, then it just became the biggest heap of ****e known to man.

It decided that I’m to no longer use the 2.5G network, which is fine, except now I can’t use my mobile downstairs, which is a bit of a problem but even more annoyingly once it declines my use on the 2.5G it just loses all hope and never regains signal.

I’ve sent this bag of crap to 3 repairs, who gracefully did nothing and scratched it up a bit for it’s troubles, who then sent it back to me today. Got it out of the box and home and still same issue (so it’s since gone back in that box to go back, so much for quality workmanship).

I spoke, well possibly shouted, at Three’s customer services to exchange this phone for one that is fit for use (ie works) who’s only ability is to send it back to these same morons who won’t find the issue since the phone resolves itself after you reset it (before acquiring the same problem 2 days later).

At what point can I expect a new phone, and when I say new, I bloody well mean it, I’m not getting stuck in a 12 month contract with some jerkbag’s old phone when I sold my soul off for a new one (and lets not forget that whole sale of goods act too).

So much for being a loyal customer, although, on this occasion I got a free ringding.

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