Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Spendin’ it like me gots it.

After a somewhat, extravagant spend, I have so far added to it with the following:  £60 Windscreen replacement (when a large boudler sized stone hit it, at what may or may not have been 80mph) and £100 for 2 budget tyres (seriously, Bridgestones were £65, the car isn’t even worth that).

Even more exciting about this is that I no longer am in posession of a bank card because I’ve left the other one at Sainsburys and never got around to reporting it as lost, I may consider doing so, but I’m going to close the NatWest account any way, I’ve decided they are complete utter bastards.  “HAY, CALL UR BRANCH, UR LOANZ IS FINISHINGS AND I  LIKING TO MAKE SELLING A NEW ONE!!! 4 MORE YEARS!!!1″.

Yeah, I don’t fink so.

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