Кевин (mmn) wrote,

What is this stamp bollocks?

This evening had an impromptu evening in work and out on the town.

Ending my shift at 19.00 it was decided that there would be kebab run, which went rather successfully and there was much rejoycing to be had with a fat filled meal for 4.

Upon my exit I was invited out for the evening which I took up gladly, it started off well and ended rather brilliantly.  Since I was driving there wasn’t any drink to be had but it was still a laugh all the same.  Took no photos though, however, nearly took a peice of the floor to the face when the bouncers were “politely requesting a patron to leave”.  Most certainly something I will endevor to do again.

Anyways, it’s a short post since I’ve got work in the morning (LOLZ) so we’ll see how it goes since it’s PANCAKE SATURDAY [unofficial].  Rock on people!

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