Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Meaningful post part one

I’m always wanting to post some kind of moving personal entry about this or that and bollocks but it never seems to happen. Probably because i’m a heartless creature from the depths of human torment but who can say really. Anyways, occasionally i like to think about the times i once owned a soul.

But the problem with that is you end up having some really horrible dreams the following night. I’m normally known to have vivid dreams of what most people would call nightmares, but instead mine are like horror films in my head and they’re wonderful. If i could record them to film i’d be famous for it.

But the last one that actually left me distraught the following day was one that featured the first bloke i fell in love with and not just a little bit either, in fact it’s safe to say even after all this time i have feelings for him. He’s the only person who out of the lot of those in my past and present, who has hurt me so badly and still can do so.

But the thing that makes this worse is that he doesn’t even know it and if…

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