Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Meaningful post part two

… He did then i’m sure it would hurt him as badly as it did for all that time for me. It’s just the way things are we try and pick up and move on but it can only be done to an extent. I’m sure that may have been that turning point in my life where i realised that this planet is just the worst place to be but there isn’t much you can do so just get on with it.

And that’s what i’ve done. I’ve switched off that annoying humanity crap and just stick to a semi robotic existance and deal with things as they go.

But back to my story, this dream that was so utterly vivid that it did me in completely still haunts me now. Knowing that this one person is the only one on earth who can crush me down and not a single other person could despatch me with such an impressive lack of effort you will be able to see why even now recalling this dream still has the same effect it did months ago…

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