Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I’m calling from a company….

… and my car has a registration.

Sometimes I like our callers, most of the time I tolerate them, the rest of the time I don’t take any prisoners.  Today casualities included: threating a young (like 5 years old) child with legal action and police intervention, laying down the law to a woman with the sense of mince beef and the combined mental power of a banana and advising somebody to get off their ass and look with their eyes at the BIG WHITE THING WITH NUMBERS AND LETTERS ON IT at the front of the van (in a less sackable, yet stern way).

Other wounded included a couple of collegues and a trainee.  Don’t get me wrong, as a trainee you’re expected to make mistakes, that’s the point.  But don’t make COMMON SENSE MISTAKES, for that you fail at humanity.  Has the client said we can piss £100 of their money down the pan?  No!  Then why have you put bollocks in the notes and removed any kind of review on the job?  I understand this wasn’t *your* mistake when it was booked orignally, but it became yours when it wasn’t resolved.  Instead I get an easy call (simple hold and transfer) turn in to a 20 minute ordeal as I try and stop it before it starts going tits up.  Not cool.

This is why I need to stop looking at previous notes when I first go in to a job, I can live without the previous history if it means I’m not otherwise engaged all day cleaning up various messes, but then it’ll just mean I’m rubbish at what I do, but at least I’ll start hitting targets again.

Also, I’m still trying to get my pervy call in to a usable sound file so I can play it to my selected friend people who don’t believe my luck at full on anal sex with a chap for £15, that’s £10 off the average crack whore rate according to BBC Two.

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