Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Don’t make me come to mumbai and slap you.

Right now I’m getting my tits full of this Three phone.  It doesn’t work, it’s frustrating because I’ve tolerated this shit knowing that I’d need 2 hours to sort it out correctly.  I’ve figured out the problem, it’s not rocket science.  My sim card is not compatiable with this poxy Nokia rubbish.  Simple, replace sim card free of charge (as it’s not fit for purpose if it doesn’t work in their own handsets correctly) and we’re sorted.

Instead, I have a phone bill the size of a small african nation’s GDP and I’m still talking to this moron because “your IMEI numberingdings aren’t matchingadingdings to recordingsdings” seriously, I don’t care.  Would I sell my contract phone which is an E65 for another non-working E65 when I have 12 months of this contract to go?

Also, amusingly, I just heard a blast from my working life, CALLS ON THE BOARD in Urdu.  Hardcore.

Anyways, still trying to get this man to do what I want, it doesn’t work, you say my sim card is fine, it isn’t, in this phone it doesn’t work.  My battery lasts 30 minutes as it’s constantly not working.

I’m now being “escallated” after the call was cut off and sent down to the voicemail phone which I just had to transfer him off to with “plsholdtranferingok”.   How many times do I have to say “NOT WORKING AT ALL” before I get off the script?

Still on hold………

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