Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Britain, Britain, Britain

This is what you get for being a good samaritan in this country:  Nothing but hassle.

This evening a lady driver smashed her car in to a street lamp off a roundabout, a lorry driver and one other stopped for her, I stumbled upon this graceful smash as I was going back home, her lights were still on so I pulled over and got out to make sure that the police and maybe an ambulance got to her as she was a bit hysterical (about the cost of repair).  So I get out, dial 999 and get the police over.

Before they show up, her mates come by, everybody packs up, she’s in the back of a cab and just ME, her write off and MY CAR are sat at this roundabout.

Seriously, what. the. fuck.

Now muggins here with his details with 999 and two rozzers on site has to explain what just went on, with MY CAR, HER WRECK and NO HER.  So much for making sure she was alright, so much for the thought of sticking the fuck around to clear up your own shit.  This is exactly what is wrong with this country, nobody takes responsibility for their actions, I bet she’d been drinking too, that’s why she’d fucking well sped off.

But with all that said, I’d do it all again, because next time the occupant might not be such a pleb.

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