Кевин (mmn) wrote,

That was acceptable in the 90s.

What a glorious day today was, our system had a giant fart and stopped working. It was glorious, so much that even Marlyn Monroe’s ghost started showing her ghastly ghost gash (say that 10 times fast) around.

Oddly enough as we sat there, with barely enough to do, the topic of my mobile ring tune came up and then, Millie, the QUEEN OF ALL LAZY TOWN caught wind of the conversation and that was it. It has begun. I must now find the Lazytown costumes and it’s going to result in HALARITY THAT WILL CONSUME THE UNIVERSE.

Just you watch (CBBC).

And FYI: Lazytown is made out of Iceland, who by sheer technicality falls under Europe, thus is worthy of the Europe tag. Holla.

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