Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I ph34r the 2020

At work the extension 2020 is that of the managing director, who is an extremely lovely woman but scares the absolute living daylights out of just about everybody for some reason.

I am no exception to this rule.

Today I received a message on my phone “PRESS CALL FOR 2020 INA”, understandably I shat out a couple bricks, this being only the second time I managed to get a call DIRECT from the MD.  Thankfully, like the time before that it wasn’t a call to obtain my P45 before being escorted out, which I find is always a sign of a healthy relationship with your employer.

It was infact two things, first being “thank you for staying on late last night” as I stayed on from when the system shat upon us to clean the mesh of jobs left behind and secondly “this agent called to accept this job”.

This is why I love my job, how many of you people get a personal call from the MD thanking you personally for something you’ve done?  Answers on a postcard and I won’t accept “but they’re on a postal strike” for the limited responses.

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