Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-28

  • @MikeyPod I’m just listening to your sound seeing thing and it’s groovy. Brilliant idea! #
  • @MikeyPod It changed over HERE this morning, as for you I’m not sure since your President tore open the fabric of time & changed the switch. #
  • @MikeyPod - according to time.gov NYC should still be DST - http://time.gov/timezone.cgi?Eastern/d/-5/java #
  • @freebradley - for 14 easy payments of EUR99.95 you could have the secrets of doing drag w/o feeling like Neil Carter sat on your face! #
  • @freebradley - nell carter even. #
  • @freebradley torn pantyhose aren’t a currency, except on eBay, sexual favours are universal and I’ll need to work out the exchange rates. #
  • @freebradley That’s some hard business tacktic, I wouldn’t want to blow my assets before considering our position in the market. #
  • I misspelled tactics incorrectly, please write to my local authority for a refund on your tax money spent on my schooling. #
  • And I’m sure the sentence structure there was rather dire too. Again, refer to your local authority. #
  • #What what up my butt, what what up my butt# #
  • @bloatedlesbian make your way to Ibiza (Eyebeefer) and throw shit at the English, we deserve it, fucking 18-30s jerks. #
  • @bloatedlesbian You mean the one on BBC News 24 right now? #

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