Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Stats for Today

25 incoming calls, totalling no more than 30 minutes.
8 internal incoming calls.
100 outbound calls totalling no more than 2h35
1 lost call
18 refused (in busy wrap up)
1h spent out of group.

Of my pie 50% was outbound.

This is what I did today at work, 50 calls is dire.  25 is DESPERATE.  I nearly had a total meltdown today and I screamed at my bank “SO NATWEST AS MY FUCKING BANK CAN’T DO SHIT?  FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!” and I’m  well up for a fight as well.  I also called norwich union.  I have to look over my statement before I start that fight as well, but a lovely ady left a comment on my EL JAY so I’ll pop her a quick note (rather than fight).

But basically it’s been a shit day, big style.

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