Кевин (mmn) wrote,

It was like being at work, but outside.

I went out in Bristol on a birthday party last night, everything started off cool the limo ride there was well wicked, but it all went a bit south from there.

Had a bit of relationship problems that interveined there and I spent most of the evening really sober trying to calm down a series of potential street fights and road traffic incidents.  This was of course followed by a series of phone calls and texts trying to get somebody from A to B before getting stranded in A.  And it nearly ment me going home via limo and taxi then getting my car and driving to Bristol again to pick up 1-2 people.

I’m not really angry or annoyed because at the end of the day it was between to other people and nothing could have stopped that roller coaster once it started and the night wasn’t a huge loss I did have fun in between all the other bits.

So if you were one of the people who I texted “WHERE THE FUCK IS PANASHE, I NEED TO KNOW NOW” this is why!

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