Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Customers_suck and they’re not even mine…

We receive a fax, it’s 7 pages long. Most of which happen to be some woman’s bank statement.

She’s not happy about being charged twice for her telvision licence and she’s on a war path. However, problematically, I do not work for TV Licencing.

As a customer focused business I get her number off the top of the fax and I call her.

M: Good afternoon, it’s Kevin calling from [company who isn't TV Licencing], we’ve received your fax here. Obviously I will be shreadding our copy here immedately, however, I’m ringing you to let you know your fax had arrived at the wrong company.

H: Well that’s the number that TV Licencing gave me, do YOU have the number.

M: I have the main customer service number, which is, 0844 800 NOT US, however you would need to speak with them to clarify their fax details.

H: That’s not very good now is it, why don’t you have their number?

M: I’m afraid we don’t keep those details as were not TV Licencing, again you would need to clarify this with them on their customer services line *as I can not assist you in their matters*.

H: Well fine. Good bye.

M: Good bye.

In hind sight I should have sold her financial details for £25 in an IRC chatroom, but it’s amazing how it’s my fault she can’t dial and it’s my fault as a company that doesn’t work with anything other than MOTOR VEHICLES that I’m some how responsable for the nations television licences. Bitch.

Yet, I’m still professional with these people. I must be mad.

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