Кевин (mmn) wrote,

One chance to WoW me…

Greetings automated human unit,

I’m afraid your message has resulted in an Error
7293-27364-DN-34626-AXO, for more information please cease to come out
with such bollocks.

Why exactly have I got this error, as a new and potential sale I was
going to take up your offer and if I enjoyed your service then there is
a good chance I would have purchased what wares you are selling.  This
my friend is basic sales.  However, telling me that an alternate to
getting a free advertised trial is to fork out €14.99 (which in the
United Kingdom we haven’t used since, well, never) and get a boxed CD. 
I would appreciate it if you would converse with some kind of
supervisor before resending me a similarly made message.

You have one chance to sell me this crap before I change my mind, go
for it, make me believe I *need* to some how use your game or I’ll be a
social leper.  Otherwise you can take this potential sale (as if it
matters, but as Tesco say every little helps) and swivel on it.

God Speed.

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