Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Twitter Обновления для 2007-12-29

  • LOLZ Star Trek films on Sky Sci-Fi Horror all day!!! #
  • Twitter won’t text or IM me anymore. I’m bored of this shit now. #
  • oh fuck off then #
  • KevinCostelloe: ON
    KevinCostelloe: HELP
    KevinCostelloe: HELP
    KevinCostelloe: oh fuck off then #
  • twitter is a cunt, this getsatisfaction shit is pissing me off their fucking shagged sms limits is fucking me off and my IM inop is shit too #
  • Seriously Twitter suck my fucking balls. FUCK YOU. #
  • Fucking wanky interface, no fucking sms, certainly no getsatisfuckingfaction here, IM shitting fucking not working cunts. #
  • Oh and thanks for fucking deleting my last post you web 2.0 cunt. #

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