Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Twitter Обновления для 2008-01-16

  • I just got called by bloatedlesbian and by just now i mean 15 minutes ago. #
  • @bloatedlesbian if I realised you were recording (and my manager wasn’t there) I would have been cooler. My skype goes to my mobile see. #
  • @bloatedlesbian I was indeed. That was my phone going off too. I’m going to be ass raped for losing two/three calls. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! #
  • @bloatedlesbian don’t worry about it, I was hard pressed to give a shit today anyway! My skype is minimised on my phone so just ring it… #
  • @bloatedlesbian .. next time you’re doing a show, just heads up me on Twitter assuming I haven’t run out of fucking messages again. #
  • @bloatedlesbian if you have a skype in number I can call from my desk feigning work otherwise I’ll set alarm and have a "poop break" #
  • Is brit actually in her new video as it just looks like her head is on somebody else’s body. #

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