Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I don’t understand your issue

Seriously, the last time a certain somebody was in touch I think I made it quite clear that a bridge should be built and got over and burned appropriately. However, it appears my harsh facts of life wern’t quite received:

Очистить историю Чат
Не удалось загрузить историю разговора
5:57pm K: look who it isnt,!!
5:59pm K: yeah u beter ignore me!!!!
6:01pm K: not so mouthy now are u??? i cant wait till i see u and and about!!!!!! ur guna get a peice of my mind!!!
6:11pm Kevin: [This person is no longer online.] eh?

I’m just not getting it? What’s the drama? What me say? Me say nuffin’. So what is going on here? Am I some kind of despised super celebrity? HOLY SHIT AM I BRITNEY?!!?!?

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