Кевин (mmn) wrote,

NatWest Robobitch Strikes Again

At 6am in Canada time I get a call. I AM THE NATWEST ANTI-FRAUD ROBODROID WOMAN, PLEASE ENTER ON YOUR KEYPAD THE FOLLOWING ITEMS OF SECURITY. I did. It failed. So the bitch put me on hold and about 1 minute later (80p in real money) I get a human. The call only took a further 45 seconds. Why didn’t they send a human to call me in the first place?!?! I feel I might complain, their robots are starting to annoy me.

The end of it all, was a dodgy cashpoint that couldn’t fulfil my transactions so cancelled it which then started the fraud system process of locking off my card. The problem being - THIS WAS OVER 3 DAYS AGO.

But at least the fraud system works. Sort of.

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