Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Internet explorer is complete crap

I only use this as a topic as I had to log-in to the BSFN server to post to my website to post because it was like LOL OPERATION ABORTED so it started to show some stupid IE based web page blocking me out of Wordpress like you’d expect from a Microsoft product.

But this isn’t the topic of this blog post at the moment.  You see this is one of the few moments I have to be able to sit down have a few too many drinks and barf my useless jib jab on to this fantastic piece of internet space junk I call my web page.  Oh web page how lonely you must have been without my generous input and only twitters to keep one occupied.

I’ve been thinking over the past couple days that it’s so amazing that only about a month ago I was sat in Toronto, driving that crazy left hand drive car paying $35 a tank for petrol driving to and from all sorts of places being a free homogay and making mouth love in city parks to nice gentlemen.  Now I’m back to the rut that is my life. Eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work.  It’s not cool but that’s how it all happens really.  Humanity is a joke after all.

New and wonderful things are happening. I got really fat again, funny that, so I’m thinking I might go vegetarian as the stuff I eat is not just meaty and good, but it’s ALWAYS crappy meaty foods.  Maybe the only way to be thinspirational is by cutting meat, thus you cut the fats, craps and red foods from one’s diet.  I only thought of this as we come back to the Toronto conundrum, I stopped by a veg stand in a park and they had this week challenge going.  So I reckon I’ll do it. Two months too late you green eating hippy bastards!  But I’ll do it!  As of like right this very second I’m a vegetarian for a week POOF.

Other less exciting news is that I’m missing my Melville, bless, I was foraging through the control centre last night and saw his little book of notes as provided by the Bayly (still to be used by anybody in the building) and I saw it.  So of course I’m going to kut now (a carrot!).  Lawl.

Other than that we still want to do the Russian thing.  New course starts this month. So I must join.

Other less exciting things include:
I own an Apple Newton (4 no.), I bought two new games for the Amiga and I have started to collect Chinese Hell Money. w00t.

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