Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Build a bridge and get over it.

Remeber that post some time ago, please find attached the final conversation. Officially Keiran is a complete prick and I don’t know why. I might just punch him.

Kevin look who it isn’t

Kieran Bye Bye

Kevin so we’re not talking smack today then

i really can not think of any1 else in the whole of the world that i would less like to talk to then you!! please leave me alone, if youre guna be a twat!

Kevin excuse me? I think I’ve got a supreme right to be a twat to you. You have alot of explaining to do. Getting threatening texts at all hours and being harassed on facebook. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Explain.

Kieran Bye Bye, have a nice life 9:03pm

So I’m not going to get an explanation or an apology. Kieran, you my friend are the twat. And when you have the balls to tell me what your fucking issue is then I think that status can be re-visited. Until then enjoy prickdom.

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