Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Speaking of the force…

Sun 28/09/2008 01:05 from McKendrick Matt (SMS):</p>

Yup just killin darth vader at the mo hes a fuckin ass

Sun 28/09/2008 01:06 to McKendrick Matt (SMS):</p>

Hahaha ace. Extra points if you bellow out “who’s your daddy now bitch”. It’s got to be done see.

Sun 28/09/2008 01:08 from McKendrick Matt (SMS):</p>

Killed him i thought that was hard gotta fight the emporer now hes a bit hard 4 a 1000 year old guy.

Sun 28/09/2008 01:11 to McKendrick Matt (SMS):</p>

Look at madonna. She’s 2000 years old and still stealing babies from africa.

This is why we like matt. He’s got the force.

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