Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Evenings off are bloody grate!

Boredom requires results - this is just one of them.

Boredom requires results - this is just one of them.

Ok, maybe they aren’t, as right now I’m sat unshaven in the cold wearing nothing but a scabby t-shirt and my pants (which find them selves covered by scabby trousers).  Buy hey, you can’t buy this kind of entertainment in shops now!

Anyways, today at work, what a pile of poop.  Busy, hecktic and it took 4 hours to get in a position to scoff down a saussage roll, this did not please me at all.

Other than that, literally nothing interesting sparks to mind.  Scary.

So yeah.  Be gone with you now.  I has nothing else to say!

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