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We are not HSBC

Occasionally I have been known to have conversations that actually make little to no sense, most of which are with bizarre people on the phones.  This evening was but just one:

For the sake of easily identification, I shall be bolded and my caller will be average sized text.

Good Evening Zurich Municipal Kevin Speaking, How can I help?
I wish to register with teletrade, I received a leaftlet when I joined as a premier customer to call this number.
I’m sorry sir but you’ve come through to Zurich, where did you get this number from as we deal with road traffic incidents.
I got it from this leaflet sent from HSBC, it’s red and came in a white envelope!
Well sir, that may be the case, however, you have come through to Zurich on a motor insurance line.
Well I called 0845 *blah blah blah*.
I’m sorry sir there are litterally HUNDREDS of telephone numbers that come in to this building which I don’t have a list for I’m afraid.
But I got this number from the HSBC leaflet!
This may be the case, but we’re not HSBC, we’re ZURICH.  I apologise but you must have the wrong number somewhere.
Well then I don’t see why I’m speaking to you.*
Thank you for calling Zurich, good bye.

* At this point I would have loved to reply: You’ve spent the last 3 minutes challenging me on where I work, I’m not going to give in and say, well SUPPRISE this really is HSBC, happy april fools day now am I?

I actually want to get this call off the recording system and put it on here, it’s UNBELIEVABLE.  The above crappy transcription doesn’t quite show the amount of effort this man went through, even when he DESCRIBED the envelope the leaflet came in.

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