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I should really start making these posts much bigger than I usually do, I say this
because I am looking through other peoples journals and I see pages and pages
of stuff! Anyways on to my bi-whenever posts (btw, I will try and use some public terminals
this weekend to post my adventures in club land -- thats if I can stop the hangover
in the morning).

I just got a call from work and I'm working this Thursday, which is good as it will be
on my April 30th paycheque, which is about $120 so far so thats $80 more (10h-18h)
I can add to my shopping list and not to mention the $237 thats coming my way this
Friday, it will most likely be spent by Friday evening! (which is a big problem because
I have mobile bills, insurance, educational and booze fees I must pay off).

Also it seems there is a delay in moving! Now It will most likely be
at the end of may and not the begining of may as I planned (which sucks).

And speaking of things that suck...... It's almost summer, anybody
want to spend sometime with me on my corner of Younge Street ;p

Thats all for this hour.......

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