Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Don’t Give Me Face Bitch

This morning there was ice, a fair bit of ice and as I came in to work the
full extent of an ungritted road was quite clear. A man in an “executive”
car pulled in front of me at a mini roundabout and nearly smashed in to
the side of him because the car slid with ABS wildly trying to bring me
off to a stop.

Then as I was going up a small incline my tyres slid everywhere and the
car struggled to get up, nearly pin balled around a corner. Then fianlly
the halarious part of my hatred of humanity.

As I came around the second corner I had to stop for a couple stopped
cars, I tried to do so, the car slid, alot, the two cars moved off I was
still sliding so I had to come to a complete stop to regain my composure
and avoid cracking a massive 4×4 in to a kerb thus costing me money I
haven’t got on wheels, alignment and other such crap.

Eventually I did stop and the woman came flying around the corner and
smacked her brakes with the enthusiasm of a retarded child in a nightclub.
I moved in to our car park by making that right hand turn I was trying to
do and all I could see was her sour fat face glaring at me.

I just wanted to get out and say:

That would have inproved my day single handedly.

p.s PINE says: [ Spell-checking file "/usr/bin/spell" not found ]
So I might have to proof read this :(

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