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Bloggeur Hipster depuis 2000.

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I Can Do Updates Me!

So it’s been some time since I have update this website. What can I say
I’ve been known to be like this occasionally, after all divertisty is the
flavour of life and all that.

I’ve been toying around recently with a couple blogs and software things
that I’ve considered replacing this wordpress blog with, such as Mobile Me and Nanoblogger. However, although both
concepts are good they aint Wordpress and it’s rather nifty intigration to
email, mobile, sms et al. So this will still remain the primary port of
call for useless crap and information on myself. Which means I have to
spend some time updating pages and the like.

But enough about this junk, recently after getting our gas and electric
bill through for 550 quid I decided that I’m not too happy with being
where I am, not because it’s a bad place, I loves it and it’s got good
parking, but it’s more of not having my own space and then having to shell
up for a shitload of gas and electric I wasn’t around to use. So I have
to cough up over a hundred quid of that and I’m not best pleased.

So I went looking for a new flat, I had a look at a rather expensive 2
bedroom at City View, it was lovely, I did the maths and I could have
possibly afforded it. Until I factored in Council Tax, Telly Licence and
all the other bills you’d expect, I could still do it, but I’d never see
the light of day again.

I then checked out another place in Clifton, it was a ground floor studio,
it was really tiny and would have cost 50 quid less than the two bed only
because it happened to be in Clifton! So I had a look at a third place
and I loved it, it’s a studio, barely any parking, but it’s only 30 quid
more a month than what I’m paying now. Granted I will have to pay council
tax, etc but the utilities will be my own spendature and it will be my own
space. But the best thing is, it’s so unbelievably central for 425!

So now I’m just waiting back on my references and to confirm my moving in
date for the end of March, I’ll need to obtain furnature and other wordly
objects that I have no money for, but what can I say, it will be worth it.

But on a more crap note, I got paid 300 less this month than normal, so my
finances are in a bit of a shit state for the moment, but I think I’ve
managed a way out of it, so in theory this is an a-ok moment now.

Anyways, I shall post some images of the new place shortly. For now, this
is a rather longer than normal update from me! Oh and I haven’t bothered
to check the spelling etc so if it’s a bit pants leave a comment or
something and I’ll do nowt about it.

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