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Twitter Обновления для 2009-04-05

  • The staring old man at the end of the cul-de-sac annoyed me today “our green bins not been collactaed cos of your vherrrikles parked on road #
  • ..” he says, that sounds a bit odd I says, “the old retired chaps says that” he says. And why are you still here I think. #
  • Keepin’ my eye on the mobile broadband usage. 2GB left this month, I might upgrade to 15GB for the same amount I’m paying now…. #
  • @cecilgene What twitter is down? How did that happen? #
  • Yes, I know all your advisors are currently busy and will get to me shortly. But I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes now! #
  • @cecilgene I don’t know what I will do without Twitter! This twitterless period is so hard to get through, how will we cope? #
  • Just experienced the best customer service around, on hold for 24 minutes the chap I spoke to made the hold time not matter at all, perfect! #
  • Ham and egg roll. Somewhat delicious and somewhat vile. - photo at http://twitxr.com/kevinc/updates/182959 #
  • Rasta man! - photo at http://twitxr.com/kevinc/updates/182961 #

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