Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Locked up in my own place.

Sat 18/04/2009 00:30 180420091570-001
Sat 18/04/2009 00:30 180420091569-001
Sat 18/04/2009 00:30 180420091568-001
Sat 18/04/2009 00:30 180420091567-001

So somebody locked the main door with a lock that i don’t have a key for. I’ve posted a letter on the front door and left a shitty answerphone message for the letting agent saying i now have this issue and that if it occures again i’m calling a locksmith to bust my ass in or out and i won’t be paying for it. Which i think is reasonable, cos if i was locked out this evening i would have kicked the door in.

Anyways, i cracked out the commodore, what fun!

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