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Bloggeur Hipster depuis 2000.

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Another Weekend Rolls On...

So, well it's been a while since I've done anything here. The last time I went to post the LJ had broken and I couldn't
get Charm to work, so I decided to boot up TTYtter and bitch about it on the Twatter.

Anyways, it's been very busy in my life, very, very busy. I've now got a second job to help (barely) make ends meet with
all this tribunal business going on. So the weeks are 7 days of non-stop arse not hitting the ground action. So that's a
bit draining but needs must now that my severe drop in income means my normal job pay is just spent on bills and then my
second job pay is the stuff I live off of. I've also had another few issues with TwatWest amongst other companies which
aren't making life easier, but one is now seeking advice for such problems.

On the other hand things are looking up, on this weekend job I'm actually in a better place both financially and
personally, I've started to mingle with new people and not just the same group, a number of people in different groups
which is always good for the soul. I've also started to put time back in to MMN which
needed to be done for years, so I'm back on the hobby track. Really I'm just starting to put my life back together while
it's in the process of falling apart (thanks to a group of people and you know who you are - and may you get what you
deserve for it).

So yeah. Shit loads of negative and a bit of positive. But something is better than nothing, right?