Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Recently Twattered

  • 11:58 OMG Did anybody see the weather update with Tomasz Schafernaker. I've never been so interested in the happenings of the South West..... #
  • 17:58 @mkuplens I wonder where they got the idea for that.... #
  • 18:42 6pm, pitch black. I love winter. #
  • 19:22 RT @UnionSt: Dear Media, I wish you had put as much energy into #WMDHoax as you're putting into #BalloonBoyHoax #
  • 19:52 @doug_graeme Where did you find this? My tescos stocks everything but! #
  • 22:55 I hope this works #
May this have been a meaningful post.

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