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Pull My Gun

Subject? I don't DO subjects...


So this was the first day of the whole clocks go back thing. Nothing more
depressing than getting to work in the dark, then when you leave it's
pitch black outside. Gives you a reason to get up in, er, utter darkness.

But we look forward to the weekend, for it is the weekend of Westfest at
the Bath and West Showground in Shepton Mallet. I'm still between getting
blotto and staying sober.

One option means I have to budget an extra 20 sheets for the coach and the
other means I can spend money getting hyped up on Red Bull and not find
myself waking up in a toilet (again). Maybe I'm getting old but I'm
thinking towards the latter.

However, that also means I need to have everything with the car LEGAL,
tyres and tax-which-expires-on-the-31st up to date cos the po-po like to
follow and stop people leaving places like that. Last year I was followed
from the county lines to the middle of Devizes by the Wiltshire Police.
Halariously they had a headlight which was misaligned, so I pulled over
for a bit let them and their illegal headlighted landrover pass. 3 miles
down the road there they were waiting before following me up the ass for
the next 30 miles.

Plebs didn't even pull me over, how annoying, I would have expected
getting a breath test out of it for all the hassle....

But I seem to digress and I seemed to have forgot what I was about to
write from this point.

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where is the middle of Devizes?

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