Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Humanity what is up?

Is it just me or is the entire population going retarded pretty quickly?

Today alone I witnessed (and nearly became part of) a lorry cutting across three lanes of.moving traffic without hesitation, just indicated and did it as if indication alone was sufficient enough to cease all traffic.

Further to this journey in this morning there was fog, bloody loads of it and visability was pretty poor. So you'd as a basic have some kind of lights on your vehicle to not only see a bit better yourself but actually BE SEEN. I passed over 20 cars with no form of light action.

Yesterday roads all over the place were closed due to accidents and the temperature only went down to -4 at it's absolute worst in this area there was some ice but clearly what little there was people decided to go to town and do something magically stupid.

Over this whole year I've spoken to people who have no sense of personal responsability for their own actions alarmingly they actually believe what they were saying was OK in such a manner that normal people like you or I would say they planet is round and consists of various species of mamal, fish and incects amongst other things.

What's happened did we all get drop(kicked) on the heads making us all go dumb?

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