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Pool Boys

Lost Weekend

There is something rather nice about having a weekend where nothing of any concequence happens. Much like this weekend where my most interesting peak was going to Morrisons to purchase one pound beer.

Also I must say one pound beer finds itself drunk rather quickly and tastes bloody brilliant.

I've noticed that in probably the past few years I haven't been putting the proverbial pen to paper and not fully utilising the magic that is my livejournal. Which is a shame really me and this journal had some good times and we had sow bad times but more importantly it's got 10 years of my life recorded.

When I found livejournal from a web cam called "Pinky Cam" and registered my details under my then handle 'nrgonline' I never thought that I'd end up recording this amount of time and all these events on it. Strange how it all works out.

A this present time I'm not doing any of what I used to all the interesting events that made my life what it was and all the people I met through those events. Recently I've let life get me down and as a result of that I remain constantly down, there are parts of my life I want to change and there are parts I must change or I'll end up going postal.

Although the concept of climbing a clock tower sounds rather interesting, getting capped down by some armed police doesn't seem the best idea of leaving this silly planet.

Hey ho. Anyways I'll end this post now since the rubbish x factor is on the telly box and this post is getting a bit long and ranty.

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I still remember you telling me to sign up and me going why do I need this? lol

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