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Pool Boys

Compare the bands

Last show I went to see at the O2 Academy was Basshunter. They had a big stage lots of flashing lights, repeated songs twice and finished up in under an hour. Cost £23.

Electric Six on the other hand cost £10 had a bit of a ropey local band followed by Eureka Machines and I must admit although I'm not really a rock fan they were fucking hot shit. Once Electric Six hit the stage it was amazing they were on for nigh on 2 hours played a shit load of songs including the favourites and the pints were 30p less than when basshunted popped around for a bit of tea and fuck off home.

I didn't take any photos cos seriously it was amazing and I was entranced in the music. If you have a chance to see electric six, do it or I'll kill you.

Best thing of the night they finished off 10 minutes before 11pm which was enough time to get from Frogmore St to the coop and get myself a pizza. Get in!