Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Recently Twattered

  • 07:31 7:27am - Things should not exist at this hour. It’s pitch black, I’m stuffed with phlem and my backend is... tumblr.com/xvs522gnb #
  • 20:22 Sangria, goes down so well... too well... very very well... #
  • 21:33 yay #triffids #
  • 22:12 was that #triffid spunk they just casually showed? #
  • 22:41 so #triffids attack and the isle of wight becomed #
  • 22:42 so #triffids attack and the isle of wight becomes the place to be. i'd rather be triffid meat kthx. #
  • 23:10 God Hates Fangs #
May this have been a meaningful post.
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