Кевин (mmn) wrote,

[LJ2ME] Bring your shareware!

So I've been up since about 8am, which for a sunday is pretty early. Got home in rather good time seeing as I was going on average 45mph.

Since I've been home I have taken full advantage of my free bandwidth between my server in the kitchen and my iMac in the lounge.

I've been tinkering with the BBS, uploading files and going crazy with remote desktop. Life is awesome without lag.

I must say since moving this in-house I've saved a considerable amount of money, hosting abroad cost 68 euro a month now it costs 20 quid a month extra in electric although summer time might throw a bit of a challenge.

Even more supprising is the level of service I'm getting out of Three most of the time it's flawless speed (considering the VPN is capped at 128k/68k) as a traditional fixed line service.

The only exception to this is Friday and Saturday night when the local area becomes phone busy.

I also have an odd request, if anybody knows of or has those shareware disks or CDs that came with magazines back in the 90s either windows or mac I would love to get my hands on their content.

If you could email me (lj username @livejournal.com) and i can arrange for an upload method.

Device: NokiaN97-1/11.0.021/sw_platform=S60;sw_platform_version=5.0;java_build_version=1.4.11

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