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What Was Said On Twitter Today (2010-02-25)

  • oh professional BBC commentator it's a team not a club this isn't football #
  • ha smash that german in to the plexiglass this looks like it coulld be a fiesty game! #
  • woop woop gooooooooaaaaaaaalllll #
  • double goal the first one was magical through the net! #
  • now for three minutes of silence on bbc red button coveragr… #
  • now for three minutes of silence on bbc red button coverage #
  • scratch that 8 minutes! #
  • I know bbc/obs why don't you show that interview that i can see from the big screens instead of dead air? #
  • oh yeah different shot from the goal now. treat us to something special now. still no better than dead air. #
  • Thanks @shizzy4eva I've got honey wings cravings and everywhere is closed here (it's 2am after all!) #
  • too soon for a #gocanadago seeing as it's nigh on won now? #
  • kira just figured out what that buzzing sound was, skype phone just went flat! #
  • eight points, eight points! why couldn't the yanks have got this level of whooping? #
  • Just watching bobsleigh germany just fell 200th of a second behind Canada. Poetic! #
  • @mkuplens it's the swine flu! in reply to mkuplens #
  • It appears #UlsterBank doesn't take euro transactions too well on the good old Visa Debit card. Although made through PayPal! #
  • The #BBC sport website is a bit shit for seeing whats on when for the olympics (considering all the good bits are hidden in red button land) #
  • Nipped on to @CTVOlympics instead of BBCi did some time calcuations and there we go, CAN v RUS tonight @ 00.30 on BBC Red Button. FYI. #
  • @duanebrown I'd say there missing that other high running language – spam – surely in the top 5? #
  • This is a bit random – http://cot.ag/b509Zc – took down the Apple TV version, but oddly enough you can get it on the Wii and do the same! #
  • Canada/US people I know – text your name to +1 312 285 0340 so I can abuse my google voice account correctly… Will txt bk with new TO nr. #
  • Wonderful. BBCmredmbutton is crashing my v+ box. Instead of putting things there could you not use one of the easily available bbc channels? #
  • Virgin media your support is a joke. I've been on the line for ten minutes and you've done sod all to fix the issue let alone LISTEN to me. #
  • I'm writing a fucking evil letter to virgin this is unacceptable 20 minute phone call, fault not sorted and the outcome was 'i hope it'l … #
  • t 24 hours'. #
  • Virgin admitted there is a regional issue with red button services and now the broadband went down. #
  • I have never been so angry in my life. Virgin Media have really fucked up, no red button and no internet. Cant watch on tv or online. Sa … #
  • http://twitpic.com/155ko1 – Should read "please wait, crashing". #
  • Eurosport, BBC 2 and BBC HD are all broadcasting curling. Why in gods name are sports being hidden on red button when there are THREE av … #
  • Oh and virgin is still crashing and red button is still fucked. Broadband is back up though. #
  • Not to mention bbc three and bbc four are looping the same programmes from 12a to 5a. Not a good use of resources. #
  • And even more stupidly red button services are not available on freeview. Forgetting the licence payer are we? #

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