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What Was Said On Twitter Today (2010-03-01)

  • Just a touch over 3 hours before one should be watching BBC2/BBC HD. #
  • Just under two hours now! #
  • Mere minutes away before it all starts on BBC2/BBC HD. #
  • one nill canada, get another goal in or lock it for the rest of the game! go for the gold lads! #gocanadago #
  • Gggggggggggooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll #
  • Whats with the us's facination with piling in to the nets? land a puck not your head chaps! #
  • far too close that was!!! #
  • BBC are now dowing a film on Team GB. This should be short! #
  • Oh look it's Amy William's gold for the 95th time this week. #
  • good move guys BBC HD just lost audio. #
  • Is Stephen Harper wearing make up for his international telly shots? I can see why Canadians don't like him! #
  • Come on lets get another goal! remember this is when it got hairy with slovakia last game! can't let them in!!!! #
  • This is going to be the longest 7 minites of my life @ctvohockey #
  • Serioiusly intense this last 4 minutes #gocanadago #van2010 #
  • come on guys gooooo cananda gooooooo #van2010 #
  • Oh my sweet diety on a pogo stick this is intense hockey! 2 minutes remain!!!!! #gocanadago #
  • LLLLLLUUUUUUU you are magical! #
  • come on canada!!!!!!!!! #gocanadago #
  • OH NOES! HOW DID THAT GO DOWN? @ctvolympics #
  • I,m holding my breath on this one for the intermission and back on to play, come on #canada #
  • RT @CTVOhockey: RT @Just_Stay_Gold: @CTVOhockey I BELIEVE Canada RT this if YOU believe. #
  • This is going to be the most intense play right here come on canada! #
  • only 5 minutes in to the ot? feels like 90! #gocanadago #
  • YES! CANADA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • Great way to finish off the night with a win now in 2 hours we have the #olympic closing ceremonies. wow! #
  • BBC is trying to flag the match of the day, how can they play that rubbish after this intense play??? #
  • Oh come on BBC you said you'll have the medal ceremony on red button, it ain't there! #
  • I think it's only fitting we make #Luongo a trending topic on twitter now. #
  • You realise you won't be seing anything like the medal ceremony in ldn, footbl groups already bitching ovr team gb title! #
  • @TFLN funny that – who just won gold at it… #
  • @ctvohockey this is going to be one of those photos you make grand kids for to show them it! #
  • RT @oldfoundnew: @ctvohockey how many victory babies do you think will be born 9 months from now? How many will be called Sidney or Roberto? #
  • @12ebaystokes12 That's a bit harsh dude….. in reply to 12ebaystokes12 #

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