Кевин (mmn) wrote,

What Was Said On Twitter Today (2010-03-02)

  • This always fucking happens, i take a train and i bump in to somebody out of casualty! #
  • Um, now that the Olympics have finished I have nothing to look forward to on TV. Although the Paralympics are in 12 days….. #
  • @mkuplens So AT&T will be doing basically what European networks have been doing for years? in reply to mkuplens #
  • @mkuplens It'll be a very long time before that happens. They seem quite content with the iPhone and being half-assed carriers. And lack of in reply to mkuplens #
  • @mkuplens competition will mean that's where they'll stay for a while longer. in reply to mkuplens #
  • @daniel_baylis Don't we all, don't we all ;) in reply to daniel_baylis #
  • Glad to report, as usual, Monday is the new Friday next door. #

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Tags: twitter

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