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I'm not best pleased about this shit.

I've got this email this afternoon (and not the previous one they mention)
and I'm not at all pleased about this. Mainly because I've had no part in
this, I deal with my own rubbish on the correct day and I only produce a
bag or two at most. Anything else I deal with on my own (taking to skip,
etc). Of course all the other tennants don't give a flying fuck and now
I've got to partake in paying for their mess. Jerks.

This is why I left the other place, I got nailed for £150 of gas and
electric I never used (the housemates racked up a £550 bill from
individual electric heaters in their rooms as well as the central heating
- which I was happy to contribute to a point as I only ever got a few
hours of it in the morning/evening when I was working 14 hour days).


Tenants of Address, Bristol

Further to the email of 18th February (attached below), with regards to
the rubbish that has been acumulating in the meter cupboard on the ground
floor, we are writing to advise that we can see no improvement in the
situation, and the rubbish is still building up.

As such, we have no other option than to have the rubbish professionally
removed - the cost of this will be £100, which will be spread over the 4
flats that are occupied in the building (as we cannot ascertain where the
fault lies).

If the rubbish is not removed by tomorrow, 3rd March, then our contractor
will attend to dispose of the waste at cost.

From: land@lord
Sent: 18 February 2010 12:52
Subject: Address, Bristol

Tenants of Address, Bristol

We have been notified that there is a considerable build up of rubbish
accumulating in the meter cupboard immediately to the left of the main
front door. This will encourage rats to get into the building, and if
this occurs, the charge to rid the property of rats will be payable by
yourselves, the tenants.

Please could you therefore all take measures to ensure that this rubbish
is collected on the correct rubbish day and removed from the cupboard, as
it is beginning to degenerate and will soon become a bigger problem.

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