Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Sometimes my anger makes me laugh.

Tonight I'm angry at a number of people (which is far from unusual), these are the highlighs:-

"If I saw you on a zebra crossing, I'd run your fucking ass down and reverse just to make sure..... JUST KIDDING, I got no reverse gear, so I'd be spot on when your face hits my bumper the first time biatch."

"Basically like [the Fat Bitch] in the cake aisle in Sainsburys, hoovering that shit up like her fat ass is going out of style."

And my personal favourite "Tonight I saw the face of a sour trout. It made me want to heave in to an envelope and address it to "That Trout Cunt", with carrotty love."

I either need to chill, win the lottery or just knife a few fuckers with a blunt blade to rid myself of this emo angst.  I'm leaning towards the latter option.

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